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Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (OTC: TMPS) is located in Williamsburg, Virginia, with aviation facilities and administrative offices around the globe.
We fly airplanes—fixed wing and rotary, manned or unmanned. From surveillance missions in Africa to flight training in Texas, Tempus Applied Solutions is a safe, reliable, and effective operator. Uniquely, we also design and modify aircraft for special missions, certify them,
and provide turnkey lease and service solutions.
Our clients include NASA, the United States Department of
Defense, Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, United States Africa Command, Joint Special Operations Command, and many other government agencies, individuals, and corporations.
At Tempus Applied Solutions, we DESIGN, FLY, TRAIN, and FINANCE. Our hubs are strategically placed to provide aviation services where they are most needed and most responsive.

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AngioSoma Inc.

AngioSoma, Inc., a Nevada

corporation,  a clinical stage

biotechnology company

focused on improving the

effectiveness of current standard-of-care treatments, especially related to endovascular interventions in the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD). The Company is developing its lead product, a drug candidate called
LiprostinTM for the treatment of peripheral artery disease, or PAD, which has completed FDA Phase I and three Phase II clinical trials. We are in discussions with several contract research organizations for completion of our FDA protocol for Phase III and submission of our new drug application for marketing in the US and its territories.

For pharmaceutical stabilization, our Liprostin™product for treatment of peripheral artery disease (“PAD”) completed
preliminary U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) required Phase I
and Phase II clinical trials successfully and is entering Phase III prior to approval. Our AngioSoma Research, Inc. subsidiary also owns the OmniCath I & II plaque debulking and vessel remodeling atherectomy catheter

UAS Drone Corp. USDR  (“UAS”) is a FAA 333 exempt developer of
state-of-the-art aerial surveillance and reconnaissance systems which
allow law enforcement, security and first responders to safely survey
and monitor a variety of situations. We are focused exclusively on the
public safety industry and provide a simple solution to acquire high
quality, actionable data that enhances optics while increasing the
efficiency and safety of officers. Utilizing more than 20 years of
Military experience, UAS Drone Corp.’s ergonomic customer-focused
 systems are industry renowned and respected for their reliability,
stability and versatility in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market.
The Company recently entered into an exclusive manufacturing, sales & distribution and branding agreement with Havis, Inc.,
the nationwide leader in work flow products for law enforcement
vehicles with over 80 years in the business. Through Havis, UAS Drone
products will be manufactured at their ISO-9001 manufacturing
facilities, sold and distributed through their nationwide sales
footprint which includes 22 factory sales representatives and 110
independent dealers across 18 organizations serving 38 State Police
departments, 67 major city departments and 79 county departments, and
branded as Havis products.

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Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. is focused on acquiring and developing legally compliant locations for the purpose of leasing to licensed operators engaged in the cannabis business.We profit from the lease payments of our real estate holdings and from the sale of our branded, non-cannabis products.Finding, acquiring and leasing locations that are both geographically desirable (good neighborhoods, visible locations, architecturally beautiful buildings, ample parking, etc.) and legally-compliant (properly distant from schools, parks, churches, etc.) is a complicated business – one that we have mastered by assembling a world-class leadership team, board of directors and advisory panel.Being first is more important than being best. Thankfully, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. has mastered
both. We’re #1 ranked for the search term “premium marijuana” and we’ve already secured valuable location


Canna Security America (CSA) was created in 2009 to meet the growing needs of the evolving medical cannabis industry from a legal, regulatory compliance, and security aspect. CSA was instrumental in the development of Colorado’s legal cannabis market. CSA worked on the rule-making committee in the Department of Revenue and helped to formulate the security regulations for medical marijuana in the state. Currently, CSA is recognized as a leader in security and compliance services for the legal cannabis industry. CSA provides high quality and dependable solutions that are adaptable to meet the constantly changing security and compliance challenges in the industry. CSA offers a full range
of high-quality services to help clients’ businesses achieve sustainable growth. Thus, CSA is able to assist cannabis entrepreneurs in growing and succeeding in this young and dynamic market place.

From our inception, CSA has specialized in engineering custom security systems specifically to ensure full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. We provide effective security solutions to cannabis businesses, including armed and unarmed guards, armored transport, alarms, door access systems, video surveillance, security system design, and state licensing consulting.

Our extensive list of services includes armored transport, armed and unarmed guards, comprehensive background checks, and site risk assessments. CSA’s guards dress professionally with the appropriate identification and have a law enforcement or military background. Our new fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles have been up-armored with the
latest bullet-resistant technology, are GPS tracked, and equipped with the 4-point camera system that transmits live streaming footage to our command center. This guarantees total traceability from pickup to drop-off. CSA can now offer comprehensive security solutions to the cannabis industry that is second to none.

CSA now services over 130 clients in 500 plus facilities in 14 legal marijuana states all achieving and 100% licensing approval rating and is currently consulting with new clients as regulations continue to change. With an increasing number of states implementing regulated dispensary models, CSA is able to leverage their expertise in complying
with different state’s security codes, standards, and guidelines to provide clients with innovated and cost-effective security solutions.

As a national leading security firm, CSA knows where the risk points exists for cannabis businesses, and how to tailor services to ensure maximum loss prevention and legal compliance. We have positioned ourselves as the market leader and brand name in the cannabis security industry.